"The one man I had found, the one man I could have loved... turns out he was crazier than me." Rachel Anam (Girl Desecrated)


Canadian Author


"At times, her writing is stunningly beautifully and at other times raw and thrilling. A great talent in this genre"

EM.G. Wixley, author of The Witchfinder Series.

Dark Fantasy


The feeling of falling, spinning end over end, shredded at my sanity like claws on silk.

There are worse things than madness

"Girl Desecrated is a stand out in a crowded genre. I tore through it. The use of the vampire metaphor to explore issues associated with mental illness, and the search for identity in the context of an abusive past, gives the book a powerful undercurrent. I'm ready to dive into the second book in this compelling series." ~ Kathleen McFall, Co-Author of The Cowboy and the Vampire Series.