JANE EYRE meets BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER in this addicting Gaslamp Fantasy novel by award-winning author Cheryl R Cowtan!

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If you're possessed by a female demon, and she is married to Gräfen, Lord of the Vampires, does that make you the second wife? Rachel is trapped in Gräfen's serfdom, and there is nowhere to run, no place to hide, and few who have the courage to help. Will she learn how to perform her "wifely" duties, or will she raise an army and kick some vampire back to the hell he came from?


Reviewers call this book "a heart-racer of a story" and a "gut-wrenching pleasure"!

For readers of Gaslamp and Gothic, who love sultry seductions, forbidden romance, and feisty female characters who are out of their element. 

Buy now and discover why this book hit Amazon best-selling, gothic romance status in its first week after launch!

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Gräfen stood incredibly tall by the fire, his shadow bending, black-hole black, where the ceiling met the wall.

“You should not run from me, my dear.”

He moved past the fire with unhurried grace, his cloying presence casting ahead of his body.  

“Leave me alone,” I begged of him.

“Oh, but I cannot,” Gräfen’s low voice trembled on the air.

How will Rachel survive this one?

"Just when you think the story has reached a moment of respite, another twist slams the reader from offside."  ~~Award-Winning Mystery Author, Gloria Ferris

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