A Unique Indie Author 21st Century Skillset

Don't let the challenges of self-publishing block your success.

     The wealth of Cowtan’s experience, partnered with an award-winning teaching career, and her own success at fiction writing, adds up to a rare combination of benefits for you.

     Cowtan has been involved in the publishing and book marketing industries for three decades. Additionally, she has been selling, designing and promoting on the internet for 20 years. A foundation in traditional training, partnered with her long-term involvement in technology’s evolution, has developed Cowtan’s unique, indie author 21st century skillset.

     As an educator, she has a University degree in Education as well a degree in English literature, has received numerous awards of teaching distinction, and the 2015 Teaching in Excellence Award. Cowtan is skilled in creatively explaining difficult concepts, developing educational programs and creating engaging lesson materials. She uses humour and helpful teaching techniques to ensure her students and readers develop a thorough understanding of content, increase self-esteem, and develop the skills needed for personal and professional success.

     Now, Cowtan is ramping up, converging her skills, knowledge and energy into indie authors and self-publishing.

     Now, is your chance to benefit from her years of hard work.

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