Cheryl R Cowtan

Has been writing since she could form letters. Growing up in a time before YA fiction, she was raised on Anne McCaffrey's Dragon Fantasy, Edgar Rice Burroughs' Tarzan Adventures, Zane Grey and Louis L'Amour's Westerns, and Shirley Jackson's Gothic Horror and Mystery. That's quite the mash-up for a developing brain, and it shows in her unique storylines bursting with adventure, slick with suspense, and rich with intriguing characterization, stunning settings and macabre situations.

About  Me 

Cheryl R Cowtan is a long-time fan of Anne Rice and Stephen King, and prefers her vampires to be razor-sharp predators with sultry sensibilities ruling over gothic settings.


Combining the classic genres of horror and fantasy with historical events and the Canadian landscape, Cowtan creates complex stories rich with tension. 


Cowtan's writing has been called "impressive",  "raw and thrilling" and "stunningly beautiful". Her debut Gothic Horror, "Girl Desecrated" is an award-winning novel, and Book I in The Fergus She vampire gothic series. In The Fergus She Book II, "Master of Madhouse," she thrills vampire fans with a blood-letting, old-school Dracula in the form of Lord Gräfen. 


Cheryl's novels are for readers who love to unravel fast-paced, evocative page turners, enjoy plot-twists, relate to tragic, but resilient characters, indulge in sultry scenes, and take pleasure in classic tropes.


If you like "gut-wrenching pleasure", this author is for you!

Why does an award-winning educator write:

  • psychological novels

  • vampire book series

  • dark adventure books

  • horror books

  • gothic romance novels

  • gaslamp mystery

  • epic fantasy

  • dark fantasy?

It is through the exploration of darkness that we find ourselves reaching for the light, and deeply understanding the decisions that can lead to dimming it. Using her background in social work, alternative education, and her own experiences in life, Cowtan will draw you into fiction that is both terrifying and cathartic, enlightening and addictive.

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