Master of Madhouse: The Fergus She 1894

As if being possessed by a blood-sucking, but beautiful, fiend isn't bad enough, Rachel is transported back to the 1800s to be reunited with her demon's husband. 

Gräfen is a Mr. Darcy, tall, dark and intimidating. Worse, he happens to be one of the last surviving Nostferatus, proud descendant of Vlad the Impaler, and a Lord to boot. A three-hundred-year separation has not been long enough to cool Gräfen’s lust for his sexy and deadly, demon-wife Scarlett. 

So, when Gräfen finds Rachel in control, and Scarlett the oppressed entity in the body they share, his lust turns into a predatory rage that fuels a campaign of torment. His household of mad, devoted servants join in, until Rachel can't distinguish the horrors or her reality from the nightmares of her slipping mind.

Rachel can escape if she gives up and trades places with Scarlett, but if she does, she'll lose control of her body, forever. And what if Gräfen has taken a shining to their games and doesn't want to let her go? Will Rachel be able to escape his sadism before the King of the Vampires goes too far?

Resurrection: The Fergus She 1984

It’s Rachel’s 18th birthday, and she should be happy, but she’s got big problems, big hair (hey, it’s the 80s), and big college dreams that aren’t coming true. Her only coping skills are booze, sex, and a few repressive techniques learned during a childhood of horrors.

Yes, Rachel is damaged. But even worse, she’s possessed by The Fergus She, a Scarlett-O’Hara-like demon who wants complete control of her body. No longer worried about being a late-blooming, college student, Rachel just wants to get rid of the “Scarlett” who’s wrecking her life.

Then one night, Angus McNab, an endearing Scotsman, struts into her favourite pub. He’s as hot as Hades, and Rachel begins to sizzle. A few steamy encounters, and countless drinks later, Rachel believes Angus might be the man she could trust enough to love. What she doesn’t know is the Scotsman is bound to fulfill an ancient pact that will ruin Rachel’s pathetic life, forever.

Will Rachel realize the game that’s afoot, before she loses to the demon and is bound to cruelty for eternity?

Laywren, Warrior Queen of the Horde, has a life-duty to release souls to the goddess through battle. But for nineteen years, the souls have not returned, and her people age without heirs. The ache of the barren pulses beneath Laywren’s armour, but she accepts she will never play the role of Mother. Instead, she must wage war on the Firslain, first-born sons of the goddess who bar the return.

The Raised Hand of Man

A creative literary text that takes the reader from the Garden of Eden to the Canadian bush party, where men play out a series of oppressive acts on women. A clever mix of poetry and prose, with enough plot to keep the reader engaged. Peppered with intruiging, and sometimes downright wierd, images from throughout the ages.

Thus says Adam to the serpent:

Hear and bear witness against woman.

We two cannot walk together for we are not agreed.

Behold, the day I bruise Eve for her rebellions,

I will make ruined cities of her betraying cage.

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